Monday, July 19, 2010

Ocean Mural Comission

This is the ocean mural I was commissioned to paint in a child's playroom during the past month. I exclusively used housepaint and mixed all of the colors from the three primary colors, along with black/white/browns. Working with a deadline, this was the fastest I've ever painted anything. -It took me 16 days and exactly 136 hours to complete.

Here is a video of the finished product:

The same video is also at:

Here are some pictures of the final product!

I was able to use the ceiling angles at the junction of the hammerhead's tail, so that as the viewer moves about the room, the tail appears to flip.

The angles of the ceiling provided a perfect opportunity to make a 3D coral reef jutting from out of the wall. This makes a somewhat cave-like structure under which the viewer can stand.

I painted the shark, the centerpiece of the mural, to fit behind the door, so that when a person closes it, they will find a huge ferocious surprise!

I painted a "deep sea" hole in the corner, so I could include a lantern fish and some interesting deep-sea creatures.

Haha, Yes. I painted the TV! If you stand in a certain spot, the white coral growing over the TV matches the background white coral perfectly. Though I wasn't able to get a picture, I painted the TV stand underneath it as well, with grass and fish growing over the glass panel.

A grumpy-looking fish guarding his eggs in the grass.

Eel and fish camouflaged in their surroundings!

Thanks for looking at my mural!