Saturday, March 17, 2012

Springtime Mural for Child's Bedroom

A work in progress...

Young to old birch trees

A baby deer

Se Mural fo

The video below shows a nearly completed stage of a mural I've been working on for a child's bedroom. I chose the subjects of flora and fauna throughout the mural to mimic the Virginian wildlife the child would come to know in their backyard.

(This video may not be working yet. Use the link below. )

My Springtime Mural video can also be accessed here on youtube:

Friday, March 16, 2012

Misty Forest Mural

Misty Forest Mural

A mural I painted on an accent wall of a patron's living room painted completed entirely in house paint! I was going for a contemporary look, to match the clean, modern overall feel of the interior decoration.

My Misty Forest Mural video can also be accessed here on youtube:

Here is a step in the process, and also a step back so you can see the overall space better:

And the Finished Product: